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»Setting up ABC Global Home in Silicon Valley is a big step for Slovenia. There, slovenian and foreign startups (under ABC Mentorship), can search for bigger investments and continue to grow. It is also the first time the country is present in Silicon Valley and that's why ABC acceleration program is so important.«

- Jure Leskovac, professor at Standford University

»EDG’s passion and commitment to our cause makes a huge difference. It is phenomenally powerful.«

- Katharine Everett, Director, Change at BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation

»I love the experience I’ve had with ABC accelerator and the concept around bringing innovation even disruption, new things that haven't been done before to companies and organisations. Boldly going where no one has ever gone before. Bringing those ides, mechanisms, methods in the play so that organisations can align it to their own purposes, use it to become better.«

- Patrick Cowden, Beyond Leadership CEO

»EDG helps you come to a conclusion that works for your organization. It opens up the possibilities. Then it helps you find the one that works for you. EDG helps you see the things you might not have thought about.«

- Larry McAlister, Director, Human Resources, Philips Medical Systems

»I can say we started the workshop as 14 colleagues and left as 14 friends.«

- Gregor Kosi, CEO at Lidl Slovenija

»You know, having an organisation in the company that has the courage to take the first steps like a pioneer into this new space means they really care about the people and the culture to try that.«

- Tina Cipot, Head of PR department at Lidl Slovenija

»EDG helps you see each change as an opportunity. Its team helps companies turn moments of transition into transformations to greatness.«

- Scott Langmack, CEO, Blue Chip Expert / former senior marketing executive for Microsoft and PepsiCola

»As we move to become an international business, I’m sure we will face new cultural challenges—and we’ll know where to turn for expert counsel.«

- Scott Davis, Senior VP and Chief Concept Officer, Panera Bread

»I tell people to look at EDG when they need to step back and assess what they are doing.«

- Margaret Jordan, President, Dallas Medical Resource

»We continue to proactively listen to customers and deliver relevant products and services across all segments. Needless to say, I think much of this is down to the thinking which your work inspired and the foundations which we put in place for which I do not forget to thank you. Our efforts on this front were recognised again in December, when our I&C business was awarded Energy Supplier of the Year at the Energy Awards (twice in 4 years now).«

- Sid Cox, EDF Energy

»Times are changing and so is Petrol. This is why we want to find out what our buyers want today and in the future, as fast and as efficient as possible and that’s is why we need innovative ideas and innovative people to help us come to those ideas.«

- Miha Valentincic, PETROL Director of Innovative Business Models and Digitalization


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